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10 Proven Ways to Get Sales on Your eCommerce Site

Every eCommerce store is always looking for ways to increase sales and regularly attract customers to their site. Email marketing, implementing upsells, and showing product benefits are a few tactics that are often used to boost business. Although increasing sales may be a common goal for eCommerce sites, it may seem a little difficult to develop new and innovative ways that will bring on new or consistent traffic. Here is a list of 10 proven ways you can increase sales and continue to be a successful eCommerce site:Untitled design (1)-1

  1. Post high-resolution photos with different outfit styles, colors, and post the price.
    • Make sure users know that the item can be purchased easily by clicking the item.
  2. Have a social media competition for a prize.
    • Ask customers to like, share pages, share items, and tag friends in order to win a gift card or other prize.
  3. Create incentives for customers to post reviews on your Facebook page.
    • Some examples include offering a discount on their next order for positive review or entering their name in a drawing for a prize.
  4. Use models for clothing items or jewelry, or post videos to show how items being sold can be used.
    • Showcasing your items on models or mannequins gives customers a real look at the sizing and accurate depth-perception of the product. 
  5. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly.
  6. Offer more sales and discounts.
    • Post holiday sales, anniversary sales, etc. to your social media platforms to help spread the word out. You can also add an incentive for quick sales.
  7. Post at least once a day.
    • Continue bringing traffic to your page by posting new items on Instagram, featuring current sales, and informing your users about any recent updates. By consistently appearing on your users feeds, you increase your brand's visibility. 
  8. Have a 1-2 day delivery option.
    • People usually don’t like to wait on their products, so offer an on-demand delivery or pickup option. This option may help buyers become more inclined to purchase items.
  9. Remove Checkout Registration and anything else unnecessary during checkout.
    • This way, you prevent “abandoned shopping carts” by allowing less clicks to purchase items. If you want to gather more information about the customer, consider adding registration forms after the transactions has been processed. 
  10. Respond to all of your comments, reviews, and messages in a timely fashion.
    • Engage with your customers, and they will engage back! If you show that you are actively engaged in their buyer's journey, you can increase the number of your leads and sales. 


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