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4 Tips to Improve Your Summer Camp

Camps are a huge part of our society today, whether they be sport, dance, art, church, day or overnight camps. There is an incredible variety of summer and year-long camps for all age groups and levels of experience. With all these camps, how do you as a camp director make yours stand out from everyone else’s? Well, here are a few pointers on improving your summer camp and growing your business from our team of online registration experts.

Newsletters and Emails

Don’t let those campers forget about you. Before and after the camp season, send out regular emails and newsletters with updates about the camp and keep them in the loop. Collect those email addresses by first having the parents or campers fill out registration forms. You can do this by simply getting good camp registration software that will store all the information for you in a database that allows you to access it at any time. Have email contests with incentives and thank your customers for attending camp. This is a simple step to showing your campers you care and a great marketing tact.

Free Pictures

Every parent loves pictures of their kids. Kids always take tons of pictures at camp and sometimes parents never see these. Offer free pictures or postcards and send them to the parents at no cost. You can email these pictures or post them on your website. This way parents can easily send these to their friends and other family members and it’s a great way to win over any parent.

Birthday Parties!

Host birthday parties for your camp attendees and easily generate new business. Kids will invite their friends to the parties and their parents will see what a fun camp you have. Offer themed parties and create custom made invitations that will have your camp’s logo on them. Not only is that marketing, but parents will love the fact that you are creating less work for them to do. At the end of the parties, get email addresses of other prospective campers and send out information about your camp.

Give Aways

Get some inexpensive items, such as pens, bumper stickers, hats, and get your camp logo printed on them. Send these out to your campers and give them away at camp. Make goodie bags for your birthday party participants as well. This is all great advertising and another great addition that parents will love and keep them coming back.

Make your camp fun and exciting, and get your name out there so that your target audience of campers can find you. And with any luck, you’ll have kids and parents talking about your camp and registering to come back year after year.

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