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Daniela Rouse

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Mobile Ecommerce Efforts

Businesses, especially SMBs, are no strangers to change in this ever-evolving fintech world. Millennials and even older generations have adopted online shopping as the norm, making trips to brick and mortar stores less frequent.

Ecommerce businesses have the ability to connect with customers in more ways than ever before. Being an omnipresent company has never been so crucial. Lucky for us, we live in a digital age and having a strong presence on the web, social media, and in as many outlets as possible is easier than ever.  

Start increasing your traffic by implementing these 4 trends in mobile ecommerce

1. Showcase Customer Reviews

What’s better than letting your customers do your marketing for you? 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Product assessments conducted by valid customers ,can give on-the-fence buyers that extra push to complete an online order. Glowing reviews and testimonials can even be displayed on your website and social media outlets as a reinforced effort for overall reputation management.

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2. Go Live! 

Trends show us that social media users are loving the live video, and most of them are doing it through mobile devices. There are tons of free video-creation outlets such as Facebook’s live-stream feature, Instagram’s video stories, Twitter’s Periscope, and of course YouTube. For good reason, Social selling is a sales practice garnering more notoriety (because it works!) and leveraging video plays a huge role. Creating short videos to share with your mobile audience is a great way to communicate on a more personal level while helping the buyer feel directly connected with your company’s vision. See how big-name companies are leveraging video in their sales tactics.

3. Paid Ads Targeted For Mobile Device Users 

It has become common knowledge that most social media and web outlets are “pay-to-play,” meaning putting ad spend behind your efforts gets you significantly more exposure and is a crucial step in your company’s success. A major aspect to take into consideration when delegating both social media and web ad spend is targeting your users. Statistically, most people accessing general online outlets are using mobile devices. So naturally, targeting your advertising audience for mobile device users is key. 

Digital Adspend Growth RatesImage courtesy of Internet Advertising Bureau UK


4. Mobile Ecommerce Features & Apps

Ecommerce is taking mobile business by storm projected to grow from $394.86 billion in 2016 to $491.5 billion by 2018. Companies of all sizes are leveraging the power of social media in conjunction with mobile purchases. Best part? Most of these ecommerce tools are free to use! Here are a few of the top trends your business can easily implement:

  • Pinterest: The product-heavy platform introduced “Buyable Pins” in 2015, turning pins into purchasable items.  
  • Facebook: The “Shop Now” feature allows registered business pages to set up an active ecommerce store right on the platform. If you’re not impressed with the basic model offered by Facebook, there are other reasonably priced options that provide more built-out solutions. Certain ecommerce softwares allow you to make sales from your Facebook page without ever being rerouted and without the need to have an ecommerce website, which equals higher sales conversions for you.
  • Instagram: One of the late adopters to the ecommerce scene, “Shoppable Photos” was introduced around the end of 2016. With Instagram being uber mobile-friendly, this is a great option for any ecommerce business.
  • Twitter: After implementing their own ecommerce button, Twitter announced earlier this year they were pulling the plug on the sales tool. While the free-to-use version is no longer an option, other ecommerce platforms offer paid work-arounds.
  • Mobile Apps: While not always a free option like most of our outlets listed above, having a mobile ecommerce app has proven to quite fruitful for companies with a healthy budget for app development. We can’t all be like the’s and Esty’s of the world, but we can strive to BE like them! Many of the paid ecommerce solutions mentioned previously are great investments, one big reason being because some, like Vendevor by Payscape, come with a free ecommerce mobile app that grants you backoffice access and allows you to manage and maintain your store right from your mobile device.

    Payscape’s ecommerce software makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to power and grow online sales. Installing ecommerce capabilities to your website has never been easier. No website? No problem. In as little as 3 clicks, add a store to your Facebook page and start selling immediately.

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