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6 Discounts that Drive Sales

Everyone loves discounts, and discounts drive sales.

Payscape Registration offers multiple options so you can create special offers for your customers and maximize your attendees. Drive Sales

1. Earlybird Discounts

Most common with programs or events, this is when multiple price breaks are created based on registration deadlines. It creates a sense of urgency among customers, allowing them to save money by committing early.

2. Group Discounts 

Group discounts provide a price break based on the number of people signing up under one name. For example, this could be one person getting a discount for signing up eight people to go to a festival or a manager getting a discount for registering five employees for a seminar. This is also a quick way to fill seats by organically inviting more people to join.

3. Series Discounts

Series discounts occur if you buy a ticket for the entire realted series instead of an ticket to a singular event. For example, if a gym gives a discount, say buy five sessions and get two for free, and you charge $25 per session, you might offer a series discount where customers can by a ticket to all seven sessions for $100. 

4. Special Code Discounts

These are discounts that are common with retail stores. Special code discounts are given to customers to input when they check out and is x% or x$ off the regular price. These codes could also be used for the other online discounts mentioned above.

5. Specified Segment Discounts

Specified segment discounts are when an event offers a special discount to different demographics. There may be a discount for senior citizens, students, military or children.

This type of discount allows you to reach a demographic that your event may have trouble attracting. This will help you build a good relationship with other demographics you target.

6. Member Discounts

Organizations that offer a membership usually offer membership discounts. This encourages people to become a member of your organization, and it encourages members to go to your event because they're getting an exclusive discount. Events can also offer a discount to non-members by offering them a member-priced ticket to increase attendance of non members. 

Discounted online event registration is as easy as that! You come up with the discount, we'll get everyone signed up.

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