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6 Tips for Cutting Costs When Moving

A Little Goes a Long Way

Imagine this scenario from a customer’s perspective: You get a quote from the moving company and it seems reasonable so you go ahead and pay the deposit. Pack, tape, load, you're all done and finally, some stress is taken off of your back! Once everything is fully loaded on the truck, the movers tell you that the estimate was too low and you now owe an additional $400. Your boxes are all packed and locked in the truck, it's obvious that there's no negotiating now. You begrudgingly pull out your debit card to pay but the mover tells you that they only accept cash. As if it wasn't enough of a curveball, you realize that all you can do is rush to the nearest ATM. This scenario turns into even more of a nightmare if the customer didn’t have that extra $400 available and wanted to use a credit card.  Sure, the moving company saved 2% on process but the customer experience was taxing and now the moving company has permanently lost a customer. Is losing a customer worth that extra 2% saving?

1.  Accurate Reporting

Have valuable reporting historical data right at your fingertips! Swiftly track customer data, payment information and even improve your quotes based on historical moving data.

2.  Database of Former Clients

Not only are you improving your customer experience but now you have a real-time database of all your former customers. Treat them well and they'll make sure to call you back when it’s time for their next move. Additionally, you can perform and track various marketing campaigns to make sure your moving company is on top of the customer’s mind when it’s time for round two.

3.  Paperless Records

Ditch the stack of paper invoices by going completely paperless. Digital invoices can be pulled up easily in seconds with a simple click. You no longer have to dig through filing cabinets and loose folder to find a missing invoice. Save yourself this hassle when tax season rolls around. Not to mention going green benefits, everyone!

4.  Paid Quicker than a Check

Have your payments processed in real time right when you move! No more waiting on cash, checks, or even worse, waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.  Not to mention losing/misplacing checks is a real risk that can be avoided.

5.  Decrease Outstanding Invoices with Auto-nag

If you ever had problems with unpaid or late invoices, our auto-nag feature will help reduce the number of outstanding invoices by automatically sending reminders so your customers know when it's time to pay.

6.  Customers Can Pay Directly From their Email

Send invoices straight to your customer's email and collect their deposits within minutes. Put the ball in their court and let them choose when they are ready to pay. This ensures smoother transaction for both parties!

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