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Mary O'Neill

Chattanooga: The Gig City

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Chattanooga, Tennessee has the fastest internet in the country? It’s a little known fact and it surprised us too! Much like Payscape’s home base in Atlanta’s Transaction Alley, Chattanooga is bursting at the seams with technological innovation and growth. They even have their own techie nickname, and were appropriately dubbed “Gig City” because of their super fast 10 gigabit-per-second internet speed.

Since we’re a technology company ourselves, our Chattanooga office decided to get involved in local initiatives that promote business growth and ingenuity. Payscape Chattanooga recently hosted a breakout session at Startup Week Chattanooga where participants included some of the most esteemed startup founders, thought leaders, community supporters, investors, and technorati in town.

Like Transaction Alley, Gig City has made a huge impression on fellow techies and continues to surprise. Events like Startup Chatt prove that the most unsuspecting contenders can make a huge impact in the bigger picture.

Chattanooga is THE “Gig City," being the inaugural town offering city-run fiber-optic internet service 10x faster than its previous connection and 1,000 times faster than any other city in the Western Hemisphere. There are currently 19 other confirmed Gig Cities in the United States and many more planned in the coming years.


*Image courtesy of GIGTANK

With 14 offices across the nation, we’re likely right in your backyard. Payscape is always discovering new ways to get involved with local communities and businesses alongside our neighbors who engage with causes we believe in, too.

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