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Matt Trice

Spotlight on ServiceMax| Payscape's New Partner

Who is ServiceMax

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ServiceMax is in the field service industry. They are a software that helps companies manage contacts, scheduling, and parts, while also providing solutions for social, portals, and analytics.

How Payscape and ServiceMax joined forces

Together, Payscape and ServiceMax provide an integrate payment option available within the work order functionality of the ServiceMax platform. Working together, service managers and dispatchers can now process a credit card transaction in the field and have funds deposited into their bank account within 48 hours. Work Orders will have the Pay Now functionality giving the field service customer a more convenient method of payment. Making it easier to accept payment means getting paid faster. Pasycape’s dedication to financial technology and industry innovation is consistent; our mission is clear: to make it simple for business owners to accept payments and collect money. Managing payments within the ServiceMax platform gives field service customers a secure, all in one, payment solution.

The benefits of working together

  • Streamline and increase cash flow by offering alternative payment methods
  • Rest easy knowing your payments are secure and Level 1 PCI Certified
  • Get paid quicker by processing credit card transactions within a work order

The features of our partnership

  • Funds deposited within 48 hours directly into bank account
  • Update invoice status as "Paid" once transaction is complete
  • Integrate user friendly pay now buttons on your work order for instant reconciliation
  • Complete a credit card transaction within your browser, on your tablet on your mobile device
  • Accept every major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX)
  • Consolidate your billing with one flat processing rate
  • Track and look up each transaction ID within the work order
  • Paperless Billing

How it works


  1. I start the payment process for any work order by logging into my ServiceMax account via Salesforce.
  2. I type in my credentials and hit Log in to Salesforce when done.
  3. I click the Work Orders tab to view all recent work orders.
  4. I select the Work Order I would like collect payment on by clicking the Work Order Number.
  5. I need to Select Payment Info from the Work Order screen. This is how you will pay the Total Billable Amount.
  6. I enter my credit card information
  7. I submit the payment. If you see status: success that means it went through. If you see status: invalid credit card number that means the entry was wrong.


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