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Hot Topics in FinTech from the Payscape Team

Each week from the Business RadioX studio in Midtown Atlanta, host CW Hall interviews Atlanta’s top business professionals to learn about the company as a whole and what makes them the best at what they do. Recently, three members of the Payscape team sat down with CW to discuss some of the hottest topics in financial technology, or what those within the industry like to call FinTech. Scapers on the show included, Hunter Hudson, Director of Business Development, Rachel Lawrence, Technology Integration Specialist, and Zack Wing, Product Manager for RegPoint.

The story of Payscape is a pretty cool one. With only a whiteboard, a list of companies & an office (aka their basement), college buddies Adam Bloomston and Jeremy Wing, put their ideas for payment processing to work. Over time they expanded Payscape by hiring friends in areas around the US who were familiar with their vision and shared the same desire to make it grow. Ultimately, by keeping those feet on the street and maintaining a solid reputation for phenomenal customer service, Payscape has become a dominant player in the payments industry while still maintaining a ‘mom and pop’ feel.

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One of the biggest topics of discussion was SaaS (software as a service) technologies and integrations. Over the years, the financial industry’s focus on SaaS technologies has grown immensely. Hunter explained how Payscape has been able to pivot with the industry and grow into a full-service technology company by acquiring, as well as creating, a number of SaaS-based products such as RegPoint, an online registration software, BillingOrchard, an online invoicing software, and Payscape Digital, an e-commerce solution for selling online.

Recently, Payscape has started to see the benefit of partnering with other super awesome SaaS technology companies by providing them with the gateway to process their payments. “We saw that we could have the bread and butter as the payment gateway while creating more value-add for their product and helping them build a stickier relationship with their clients,” Rachel explains.

Toward the end of the Business RadioX interview, the team shares the low down on how Payscape’s lending program helps small businesses get their hands on the dolla dolla bills they need to take their business to the next level. Whether it’s cash to operate, renovate, open a new location, build a site or even advertise - they got it covered.

And that’s a wrap!

Learn more about payments, SaaS integrations, e-commerce solutions, as well as some of the latest innovations in the payments industry like Apple Pay, by listening to the whole interview on the Atlanta Technology Leaders section of the Midtown Business RadioX site.

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