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How to Turn Event Attendees into Life-Long Customers



It’s truly important when you host an event not only to focus on the fun, and entertainment of an event but to also create a strong business strategy that allows for attendees to fully understand what your business offers and how it can be of help to them in the immediate and long run.

You want your attendees to have the best time of their lives. You want to grab their attention as soon as they see the event flyer in their inbox, on Eventbrite, social media or hanging on a tack board in their favorite coffee shop. The flyer should have colors consistent to your brand, a branded logo, and information on your business so they can do research beforehand. Also, make sure your social media is on point and displays the uniqueness of your business and what you provide. This will determine whether or not your target audience, who you want to turn into an attendee, will even show up.

Included on the flyer should be detailed information or a call to action for the intended attendee to bring a friend or plus one. This will enable a better turnout which will then show the crowd that you’re a big deal (even though you already know you are). Set the tone of the event on your flyers and social media advertisements. Make it a bigger deal than what it already is and amp up the hype! This will allow your attendee to take you more seriously when they arrive even if they have never heard of you before.

Before the event, you will want to strategize how to set up the event. Put extra attention into decorations and marketing materials you will offer at the event that includes concrete information about your business with a proper call to action. Yes, you got them to show up but now what? You have your prospects face to face! Now it’s that time to share your message. Have a panel of subject matter experts who can sway the crowd with awesome information about the product you are selling. Afterwards, invite the attendees to sign up, or buy your product. Allow the attendees to feel comfortable enough to approach the associates of your brand who will be helping in hosting the event, to gather more information so that when they leave your event, they follow you on social media or remain interested. When your team invites the attendee to purchase the product, have your Mobile Swipe readers available to accept payments as well as any e-mail marketing or CRM tools to capture email addresses and contact information for the generation of leads. These are warm prospects so take advantage of it and earn their business! The important part of ensuring that you have your mobile card readers ready is to show the attendee that you mean business! That you are professional and have up to date equipment.

When you host events, strategize beforehand to get your businesses products or solutions in the hands of the attendees by the end of the night.

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