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Meet the Pups of Payscape: Happy National Dog Day

We always express the amount of pride we take in our employees, but in honor of National Dog Day, we wanted to give some special shoutouts to the #PayPups! We're going to introduce you to 7 of our furriest family members here at Payscape. Try to hold your "awwwws" to the end.

PayPup: Bernie
Human: Alex, Director of Marketing 


All day, everyday, find me napping on Mom's desk

Bernard "Bernie" McCandless, nice to meet you! I'm the newest member to the pup fam, a 3 month old Shihpoo. In case you're confused, that means i'm a Shihtzu and Poodle mix. Right now I love teething and my ping-pong size tennis ball! My favorite thing to do is go to work with Mom and try to escape her desk to say hi to my fellow Scapers.

PayPup: Kate
Human: Caleb, District Sales Manager, Louisville


Front and center at the office ribbon cutting

I'm Kate, the adorable golden-doodle from Louisville, KY! I'm just a year old but I hang with the big dogs at Payscape, fetching balls up and down the office stairs and playing with my rubber chicken. My dad says the 2 words that describe me are "spoiled rotten", but he's just jealous I have more Instagram followers: @Kate.Doodle.

PayPup: Z-Bo
Human: Gerry, Account Manager


Chillin' in the Atlanta office

What's up everyone! My name is Z-Bo and i'm a 2-year-old  Brittany Spaniel. I love bones and I love to hunt. So hide my bones and I will hunt for them! I love coming to work with my dad almost everyday (I practically insist on it)! I will be a camouflage hunting bad a** for Halloween. So,watch out, you may not know when i'm sneaking up on you. Pow!

PayPups: Wilson and Roux
Human: Jon, District Sales Manager, Birmingham


Reppin' the PayPups @ the Bham office

This is Wilson and Roux reporting from Birmingham, AL. I hear you want to get to know about us? Well I, Wilson, am a 10-year-old Golden Retriever. I love my pink bear toy, sleep and riding in the truck with Dad, that's what we old folks do. And I'm Roux, a 2-year-old Lab and my favorite toy is humans ;) We both love going to work with Dad and giving him endless love for rescuing us! Now if you will excuse us, it's nap time.

PayPup: Henry
Human: Trish, Talent Acquisition Specialist


Hanging in the Payscape Garden with Mom

I'm Henry, an Olde English Bulldog who just turned 8. I love sunbathing, watching Law & Order and (obviously) going to work with Mum. And be careful with those ears, they are my tongue's next target! My Halloween costume this year will be MVP: Most Valuable Puppy, because I'm a cuddle monster and ready for football season!

PayPup: Lucy
Human: Rachel, Technology Integration Specialist


Work week snuggles

Hello darlings! My name is Lucy and i'm and 8-month-old Doberman mix. My favorite thing to do is jump in rivers, go on walks, cuddle and chew everything to pieces. Watch out if I see your shoes! I also love playing dress up with my humans and coming to work to see all my friends! I keep asking my mom for a hamburger but she keeps giving me this kibble n bits looking stuff. #ew

PayPup: Earl
Human: Adam, Co-Founder & CFO


Waiting for my human to toss the ball!

I'm Earl the Chihuahua, and my dad is the fur-baby lover that lets all the dogs come to the yard (the office anyway). I love playing with my brother and sister and want to wish everyone a Happy National Dog Day!

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