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Payscape's Guide to Greatness: Training


Meet Steve Keck. Steve is Payscape's Sales Training Specialist, which makes him the man who knows the ins and outs of Payscape sales. When asked about why Payscape sales training is so effective he stated, "It is a great program because of the integration between recruiting, training, and on-boarding. Our outstanding support system is what makes it so easy to work for this company." Here's a look at how that works:

Guarding the Door

Sales is all about drive. Due to the high turnover rates in the sales industry, Payscape must be picky about who we hire to represent and sell our portfolio of fintech solutions . All 14 office managers work with training, recruiting and HR teams to hire qualified candidates. This way Steve can help confidently control the inflow of candidates by what he calls "Guarding the Door".

The Process


Once you've made it through the door the fun begins. Steve walks new Scapers through an intensive training program called Payscape University. Once a month, Steve hosts Orientation, during which all fresh employees receive a three-day crash course on Payscape. They learn how to communicate the marketing message, sales tactics, the basics on company culture, the benefits and the process. Along with New-Hire Orientation, the Scaper will attend several workshops which zone in on how to be successful during the first 6 months on the job. There has also been a program built our for Payscape Management Training. Here, Steve teaches how to sell Payscape products by explaining what the product is and how to follow the "script".

Making Success Stick 

Payscape has an overwhelming support structure. As an established but evolving company, there is a certain tolerance for failure. We are willing to nurture our new employees by offering them the emotional, financial, and educational support they need. We utilize referral partnerships with banks, CPAs, web developers and Chambers of Commerce to aid in success. We also take culture very seriously. You'll often find monthly training parties, happy hours, golf tournaments, paintball outings, beach trips and holiday parties to help keep Scapers motivated to work for our great company. In addition, we offer monthly, quarterly and yearly sales incentives to reward hard working members of the Payscape family.

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