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Matt Barudin

Payscape Registration vs. Active Network: Experience The Difference

Registration for schools, camps, auxiliary programs, and every other type of organization became a much easier process this month with the launch of our latest product, Payscape Registration. Simply put, the registration process has long been known as one of the most time-consuming tasks to complete ahead of an event. From payment collection to the gathering of attendee details, manual registration can be quite the tedious operation!

Payscape Registration was designed and built to alleviate a long list of pain points associated with registration when it comes to organizations’ camps and auxiliary programs. A modern and easy-to-use interface simplifies payment and data collection while saving valuable time for your organization.

Although there are are several other registration software options in today’s market, there are many significant differences between them that every organization must understand before making a decision. In order to help you select your ideal platform, we have created the infographic below to offer a side-by-side comparison of Payscape Registration and a main competitor so you can see the real differences for yourself!

Payscape Registration provides you with every tool needed to create a successful registration experience for your organization and customers. Sign up for a FREE trial today and start creating your custom programs right away!

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