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Ryder McEntyre

The Secret to Success: Know People

There's a lot of theories about the secret to success in business. Some people say it's about understanding the economic market inside and out. Others contend that success is a result of maintaining a positive attitude every day. Both good suggestions, but what we've learned after over a decade of providing financial solutions for small business is this: Success comes from knowing people.

We're not talking about being able to predict the spending habits of males ages 13-24 over the next year or whether or not a sci-fi movie about mutant space zombies will be a hit in Minnesota (it would, anywhere). We mean really knowing the people connected with your business. Whether they're clients, vendors or employees, we've found that the best business relationships are those that are nurtured and therefore continue to grow. And the only way to grow a relationship is to first listen to what the other person is saying, and then respond in a way that addresses their wants and needs. That's how we've grown Payscape from a simple startup to a global financial solutions provider.

The biggest in the world? No, not yet. The best in the business? We'd like to think so, and we base that on the good relationships we've built with our clients and partners.

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