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Tax Tips for Salon and Spa Owners

Tax season, the most dreaded time of year for salon and spa owners. It seems that everyone is scrambling to make sure their taxes get filed properly and on time with the IRS. 2019 in particular is stressful because this is the first year that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts goes into effect. This new tax reform could potentially make filing more confusing for small business owners while they sort through how the law will impact their tax bill and reporting responsibilities.

Tax Season

No need to worry too much! We have provided you with the ebook, Tax Tips For Small Businesses, that includes tips on how to stay on top of your taxes as well as a deduction checklist template that could speed up your reporting process. Listed below are the deductions you should track throughout the year so that you’re prepared when tax time rolls around:

  • Office Deductions

    • Home Office

    • Commercial Rental

    • Mortgage Interest

    • HOA

  • Utility Deductions

    • Power

    • Water

    • Internet

  • Supplies and Equipment

    • Cleaning services, toilet paper, printer paper, computers

    • Furniture

  • Auto Expense Deduction

    • Mileage (Business Miles)

    • Gas Money

    • Auto Insurance

    • Maintenance

    • Parking

  • Meals and Entertainment

  • Advertising

  • Employee Benefit Programs

  • 401(k) Plans

  • Insurance

  • Commissions and Fees

  • Travel

    • Airfare Cost

    • Hotel Cost

  • Professional Fees

    • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Legal Fees

  • Other

    • Contractor, Bank Fees, Postage, Web Services, Cell Phone

Download the ebook now to receive some helpful tips on taxes as well as the handy deductions template!

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