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Three Benefits to Going Public with Your School Programs

What do all public, independent, and private schools have in common no matter their size, location, and reputation? An understanding that extracurricular activities and after school camps are key factors to achieving sustainable success and growth. Whether we are talking about a public school known for its superb soccer camps or a private academy that focuses on dance programs after school hours, every academic institution needs a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

However, a significant number of schools neglect a massive opportunity to enhance their business model. Although these schools may plan and organize a nice mix of after school programs and camps, they simply do not do enough to include their surrounding community.

Why is it so important to attract and involve outside students? Here are three key thoughts to keep in mind as you and your school plan future programs and camps:

      1. Recruiting outside students to prepare for your school's future

It goes without saying that a school must find the right balance between providing academic, athletic, and artistic opportunities for students. Furthermore, a healthy balance allows a school to observe where students’ strengths lie as a whole. For example, an independent school may be best known for its elite dance program or a public school may tout a top soccer program. In order to maximize the value of these programs, however, it is important that schools welcome outside students in order to recruit interested kids and their parents to apply. From a public school’s perspective, coaches and instructors see this as a way to preview and work with talented younger students coming up the pipeline in the future.

      2. Growing your brand and reputation in the eyes of the surrounding community

A school often relies on talk about its talented students, awards, and test scores to enhance its brand and reputation. However, a major opportunity is missed if a school does not place enough effort into running and promoting its programs outside of school hours. A successful art camp for middle school students that attracts hundreds of registrations speaks volumes to a school’s reputation in the community. In order to grow the popularity of programs, and, as a result, hopefully the school’s marketability as well, it is a no-brainer to invite outside students and their families to participate in these events. What better way to show off your school’s best traits than providing the community with a close view of your programs, facilities, and committed staff?

     3. Producing additional revenue growth opportunities due to higher program demand

This last thought blends with the first two because expanding a school’s programs to include outside students often means higher revenue growth potential. A school that focuses on planning successful programs for both its own students and others in the community can potentially benefit financially from higher demand. Simply put, more demand translates to a need for more types of programs over a longer period of time. Schools are always looking for ways to grow revenue, especially during the summer when facilities often go unused. The decision to welcome all students to extracurricular activities can pay dividends for a school in need of a new source of revenue to pay for crucial facility upgrades or scholarships.

From a school’s perspective, there are so many ways in which its programs, camps, and other activities can benefit its community. The goal for every school should be to not only keep current students happy and engaged but also encourage outside students and their families to join in on the fun too.  The opportunities are endless when a school embraces its surrounding community!

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