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Why Your Salon Needs Digital Media Services?

It is time to take your salon to the next level. Let us be realistic here, mostly everything is directed through social-media now. If you are not already set up online, you need to definitely start those efforts now. Your clientele’s needs, tastes, and styles are changing rapidly due to the fast differentiations in the hair and makeup trends surfacing the internet. You need to make sure that your salon business is set up to handle current or potential clientele wanting to book with you or inquire online, and that is why you need an eCommerce solution!


Not only do you want to increase conversion rates from having a strong online presence, but you also want to make sure that your eCommerce store and/or website is mobile-friendly. That will allow you to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) -rates. You want to ensure that your customer has  a great experience,  and when you have an awesome website as well as social media presence, you will automatically build that rapport with them before even talking with them in person.

Nowadays, clients are searching for new hair do’s online and may stumble across your social media account. You want to be prepared to route them to your website or booking app. You can get a booking app at Booker for example.

What can your website do for you?

As a salon owner, having an online presence will attract potential clients -- especially those, who are local. You want to showcase videos, tutorials, helpful blogs, and more information about your salon services. On your website, introduce your story of how you started your salon, as well as who the owner is. This will build rapport and good faith with your clients. If you just started your salon and do not have the funds readily available to invest in a full-blown website, you should start with a landing page. Payscape has affordable landing pages that will showcase your awesome salon business with enough self-customization tools to fully appeal to your audience. Your website is basically your 24/7 advertising billboard. You always want to make sure you keep it maintained and trendy. Nowadays, if you do not have a website or even a social media platform, customers will not even believe you exist and will be hesitant to book with you.

Process your payments online before you customer gets to the salon

You can also set up your eCommerce store or website to take payments. Have your price list set up online too. With this ability, your clients can pay in advance as well as pay a deposit. This ensures that everything goes smoothly, and if the customer does not show up to your salon, you have collateral in your terms and conditions to collect a cancellation fee. This prepares your clients for what is to come.

If you need any help with building your dream website, click here to see how Payscape can help you!

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